Introduction thread!

Hey all,

Lets get the ball rolling with the community forum. This is the first post on the community forum :zap:

I’m Daniel from Bitfwd here, I’ve been contributing to the Blockchain community space since 2016, I usually contribute to early stage projects in community/comms, product and venture financing. We’re currently running Aleph nodes (look up “Bitfwd” in and I’m excited to work with you guys on exploring what could be run on the network!


Appreciate the invite Daniel.

I’m Roger from Node Forge. My teammates and I at Node Forge seek to support the broad adoption of the digital assets space and Web3 by lowering technical barriers. Aleph is certainly a project we enthusiastically support and look forward to seeing what sorts of discussions spring up here, and how we can help.


Hi there!

I’m Mike from, leading a team of developers working on web3-related open-source projects like Aleph and Hummingbot.

Together we’re building Solana indexing and trading infrastructure to get one step closer to our vision of creating the first fully decentralized quant fund platform, using Aleph, Hummingbot and Solana.


Hi all,

I’m Edd, CMO for Been interested in blockchain technology since 2016 before deciding to take the plunge and combine my passion for blockchain tech with my marketing background at the start of 2022.

Very excited to be here and working towards building a more decentralized future where our data and digital identities are more in the hands of the individual and not giant tech companies!


thanks for the awesome information.